bicycle Connect the dots uk

The Charity Shop Exchange service enables charities to continue to raise funds by delivering their shop’s products to a wide audience who value them.

People are needing new things to read and watch, especially whilst stuck in their own homes, and the Charity Shop Exchange subscription service facilitates this in an economical way.

For charity shops, the concept is designed to help them sell their books & DVDs to a wider audience. But charity shops are closed and face a much tougher path back to normality than most retail businesses. Even when some lockdown restrictions are eased, charity shops rely heavily upon volunteers, many who are in the vulnerable category themselves or may live with someone who is; so it could be much longer before staffed shops are viable.

We need your help to enable charity shops to continue raising much needed funds.

Are you a car dealership, supermarket, pub, garden centre or community organisation that can help? We're ready to take the orders, the books & DVDs are already set aside in peoples home, we just need you to appeal for donations on behalf of your favourite charity and to become a book & DVD drop-off point.

The role you play will help connect the dots between donated books & DVDs, revenue for local charities, and the doorsteps of people isolated. Together we can bring a bit of joy into many people's lives.