Why we built Charity Shop Exchange

With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all parts of the world, a team of web developers, designers and makers quickly came together to address some of the challenges we all face with reduced social interaction.

At first we thought about the delight people get from receiving books and DVDs and how delivering these items to doorsteps could help combat isolation.

From there we set out to see how the subscription-box-service business model could be retrofitted into the landscape of local charity shops, of which we have more than ten thousand in the UK.

By bringing a cooperative approach to the nation's vast network of charity shops we've developed a robust, dedicated online service. Welcome to Charity Shop Exchange.

The way Charity Shop Exchange brings together buyers and sellers can serve as inspiration for other use cases, where the dedicated online service takes orders on behalf of a syndication of suppliers. We're open to working together on digital projects that also see value in this approach, just let us know how you think we may be able to help you.

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Kelvin Lockwood


Product owner, design thinker and opening batsman. batsman

Jasmine King

Jasmine King


Illustrator, designer and craft beer lover. beer

Haseeb Majid

Haseeb Majid


Software Engineer, bats and bowls a bit.. batsman



Blake Prouty


Full Stack Web Developer based in the United States.


Dicky Jiang


UIX Designer by day, Jaeger pilot by night.


Matt Doyle


Full-Stack Developer, Technical Author and Blogger.

Engjell Selaci

Engjell Selaci


Full Stack Web Developer.